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Thank you for visiting the Class Action Lawsuit Center website. Our mission is dedicated to fighting for the rights of American consumers, and helping make big corporations more fair and honest in the process. Class action lawsuits not only attain compensation for wronged consumers to hopefully make them whole again, but punish big corporations in the only way that they listen – through their pocketbook, helping create an environment where companies decide that treating American consumers right is not only ethical, but good for their balance sheet as well.

A History of Fighting for American Consumers

Kyros LawThe Class Action Lawsuit Center is sponsored by Kyros Law. Kyros Law has an extensive history of fighting for the rights of people wronged by big corporations, and has helped recover over 1 billion dollars in compensation for their clients over the last decade. Recent noteworthy cases that Kyros Law has participated in include the $750 million NFL Concussion lawsuit and the $650 million Pradaxa defective drug lawsuit. Kyros Law is also one of the lead firms in the ongoing WWE concussion litigation.

We Help Wronged Consumers

If you are a wronged consumer, rest assured that you will be in good hands with us. While we cannot make the situation right in every case, we will zealously fight for the best outcome possible, and have an extensive track record of making corporations pay for their dishonest and unfair conduct.