CasesClorox Spill Injury Class Action Lawsuit

November 26, 2019
Our law firm is investigating filing claims on behalf of individuals injured from spilling Clorox from a potentially defective bottle design.

If you suffered from lung injuries from spilling Clorox from a defective spray bottle, you may be entitled to compensation,
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Our law firm is filing compensation claims on behalf of persons that suffered injuries from Clorox spills that stemmed from a potentially defective spray bottle. If you spilled Clorox due to a defective spray bottle and were injured, contact our law firm to protect your rights.

Clorox Leaking Bottle Injury Class Action Lawsuit

Recent reports indicate that an ubiquitous Clorox spray bottle design may be defective and lead to potentially dangerous spills. The spray bottles in question are equipped with what Clorox refers to as “Smart Tube” technology, and this technology is included in several patents held by the company. However, some users and a recent lawsuit allege that this spray bottle design is potentially defective, and is responsible for consumers spilling this dangerous and toxic product inadvertently – causing potential bodily injuries and property damage.

Bleach is a highly toxic substance that can cause chemical burns when skin is exposed to it. If you have spilled bleach on an area of skin that’s more than 3 inches in diameter, you may be at risk for a bleach burn. Bleach is especially dangerous to the eyes, and eye exposure to bleach can lead to tissue damage and serious eye injuries. A bleach spill can also injure any pets that are inadvertently exposed to it.

Spilled bleach may also cause property damage, as many household objects and surfaces may be damages by it. A leaking bleach bottle may cause thousands of dollars in property damage.

A lawsuit has been recently filed against Clorox, alleging that their “Smart Tube” bottles are defective, and may injure consumers.

If you were injured by a leaking Clorox bottle, you may be entitled to collect financial compensation. Complete the form on this page to find out if you have a case.


Clorox Spill Injury Class Action Lawsuit

If you suffered from injuries from spilling Clorox from a defective spray bottle, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921 right now to protect your rights.