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February 9, 2017
Our law firm is investigating claims on behalf of victims of the Modern Business Solutions data breach.

We are no longer taking new claims for the  Modern Business Solutions data breach.

Our law firm is investigating claims on behalf of victims of the Modern Business Solutions data breach. Names, birthdates, job information, email addresses, IP addresses and vehicle data was leaked. The data breach revealed the information of at least 58 million individuals, according to researchers. Victims of the Modern Business Solutions data breach may be able to recieve compensation through a class action lawsuit.

The data was leaked as a result of a database that was poorly secured. The information was published and then subsequently deleted at least three times throughout the past week, according to an analysis from security firm Risk Based Security. The researchers determined that the data was stored on servers that belong to Modern Business Solutions, which provides database hosting and data storage services. They came to this finding after having conversations with a Twitter user who published links to the leaked data.

The researchers contacted Modern Business Solutions soon after and the database was secured. However, the researchers stated that they never got a reply from anyone at the company, which is located in Austin, Texas. Modern Business Solutions officials did not respond to inquiries seeking comment.

Risk Based Security reported that the actual number of records that were exposed in the data breach amounts to close to 260 million. The company came to its conclusion relying on an update from the Twitter user who originally reported the issue. The update claimed that there was a discovery of a table containing 258 million rows of personal data, although the database had already been made secure after the update. As a result, Risk Based Security was unable to definitively confirm the information.

Risk Based Security claims that the information it gained was compiled using MongoDB, an open source database application. Researchers think that the unsecured data was first seen using the search engine Shodan and that the information was published when someone who first noticed the leak shared it with friends instead of reporting it privately to Modern Business Solutions.

According to a tally by Risk Based Solutions, as of October 2016, there were already 2,928 data breaches that exposed over 2.2 billion records. Those numbers are high enough that it should be a reminder of why it’s wise to be wary of the amount of data shared online.

Modern Business Solutions Data Breach CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

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