Samsung LED TV Class Action Lawsuit

If you have purchased a Samsung LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

If you have purchased a Samsung LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Our law firm is actively investigating several LCD TV manufacturers for potentially violating federal and state consumer protection laws stemming from how they sold and marketed their products to consumers, among them is Samsung. These manufacturers may have sold their LCD televisions by improperly marketing them as being LED TVs, when in fact they were simply LCD TVs that only used LED illumination. Our law firm believes that these manufacturers’ marketing and advertising may have been intentionally misleading, and were designed to suggest to consumers that these TVs were not LCD TVs at all, but a more advanced and superior new type of TV.

These marketing practices may have led to consumers overpaying for Samsung TVs that they thought had superior LED display technology, when they could have purchased TVs with the same display technology for much less.

If you have purchased a Samsung LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, please contact us immediately to protect your rights. Complete the form on this page for a (free) consultation.

Our law firm believes that the following manufacturers may have sold TVs misleadingly advertised as LED TVs. If you have purchased an LED TV from any of these manufacturers, you may have overpaid for your TV. Please contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Purchased a Samsung LED TV?

If you have purchased a Samsung LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, you may be able to collect financial compensation. To find out if you have a case, simply complete the form on this page.

Contact our law firm if you own any of the Samsung LED TV Models below:

Samsung UN19C4000PD
Samsung UN19D4000ND
Samsung UN19D4003BD
Samsung UN19F4000AF
Samsung UN22C4000PD
Samsung UN22D5000NF
Samsung UN22D5003BD
Samsung UN22D5010NF
Samsung UN22F5000AF
Samsung UN26C4000PD
Samsung UN26D4003BD
Samsung UN26EH4000F
Samsung UN26EH4050F
Samsung UN29F4000AF
Samsung UN32B6000VF
Samsung UN32C4000PD
Samsung UN32C5000QF
Samsung UN32C6500VF
Samsung UN32D4000ND
Samsung UN32D4003BD
Samsung UN32D4005BD
Samsung UN32D5500RF
Samsung UN32D6000SF
Samsung UN32EH4000F
Samsung UN32EH4003F
Samsung UN32EH4050F
Samsung UN32EH5000F
Samsung UN32EH5050F
Samsung UN32EH5300F
Samsung UN32ES6500F
Samsung UN32F4000AF
Samsung UN32F5000AF
Samsung UN32F5050AF
Samsung UN32F5500AF
Samsung UN32F6300AF
Samsung UN37C5000QF
Samsung UN37EH5000F
Samsung UN39EH5003F
Samsung UN39FH5000F
Samsung UN40B6000VFUZA
Samsung UN40B6000WFXZA
Samsung UN40B7000WFUZA
Samsung UN40B7000WFXZA
Samsung UN40C5000QF
Samsung UN40C5100QF
Samsung UN40C6300SF
Samsung UN40C6300SFXZA
Samsung UN40C6400RF
Samsung UN40C6500VF
Samsung UN40C7000WF
Samsung UN40D5003BF
Samsung UN40D5005BF
Samsung UN40D5500RF
Samsung UN40D5550RF
Samsung UN40D6000SF
Samsung UN40D6050TF
Samsung UN40D6300SF
Samsung UN40D6400UF
Samsung UN40D6420UF
Samsung UN40D6500VF
Samsung UN40EH5000F
Samsung UN40EH5050F
Samsung UN40EH5300F
Samsung UN40EH6000F
Samsung UN40EH6030F
Samsung UN40EH6050F
Samsung UN40ES6003F
Samsung UN40ES6100F
Samsung UN40ES6150F
Samsung UN40ES6500F
Samsung UN40ES6580F
Samsung UN40ES6820F
Samsung UN40F5000AF
Samsung UN40F5050AF
Samsung UN40F5500AF
Samsung UN40F6300AF
Samsung UN40F6350AF
Samsung UN40F6400AF
Samsung UN40FH6030F
Samsung UN46B6000VFUZA
Samsung UN46B6000VFXZA
Samsung UN46B7000WFUZA
Samsung UN46B7000WFXZA
Samsung UN46B7100WFUZA
Samsung UN46B7100WFXZA
Samsung UN46B8000XF
Samsung UN46B8500XF
Samsung UN46C5000QF
Samsung UN46C6300SF
Samsung UN46C6400RF
Samsung UN46C6500VF
Samsung UN46C6800UF
Samsung UN46C6900VF
Samsung UN46C7000WF
Samsung UN46C7100WF
Samsung UN46C8000XF
Samsung UN46C9000ZF
Samsung UN46D6000SF
Samsung UN46D6003SF
Samsung UN46D6050TF
Samsung UN46D6300SF
Samsung UN46D6400UF
Samsung UN46D6420UF
Samsung UN46D6450UF
Samsung UN46D6500VF
Samsung UN46D6900WF
Samsung UN46D7000LF
Samsung UN46D7050XF
Samsung UN46D7900XF
Samsung UN46D8000YF
Samsung UN46EH5000F
Samsung UN46EH5050
Samsung UN46EH5050F
Samsung UN46EH5300F
Samsung UN46EH6000F
Samsung UN46EH6030F
Samsung UN46EH6050F
Samsung UN46EH6070F
Samsung UN46ES6003F
Samsung UN46ES6100F
Samsung UN46ES6150F
Samsung UN46ES6500F
Samsung UN46ES6580F
Samsung UN46ES6600F
Samsung UN46ES6820F
Samsung UN46ES7100F
Samsung UN46ES7150F
Samsung UN46ES7500F
Samsung UN46ES7550F
Samsung UN46ES8000F
Samsung UN46F5000AF
Samsung UN46F5050AF
Samsung UN46F5500AF
Samsung UN46F6300AF
Samsung UN46F6350AF
Samsung UN46F6400AF
Samsung UN46F6800AF
Samsung UN46F7100AF
Samsung UN46F7450AF
Samsung UN46F7500
Samsung UN46F7500AF
Samsung UN46F8000BF
Samsung UN46FH6030F
Samsung UN50EH5000F
Samsung UN50EH5050F
Samsung UN50EH5300F
Samsung UN50EH6000F
Samsung UN50EH6050F
Samsung UN50ES6100F
Samsung UN50ES6150F
Samsung UN50ES6500F
Samsung UN50ES6550F
Samsung UN50ES6580F
Samsung UN50ES6900F
Samsung UN50ES7100F
Samsung UN50F5000AF
Samsung UN50F5050AF
Samsung UN50F5500AF
Samsung UN50F6300AF
Samsung UN50F6350AF
Samsung UN50F6400AF
Samsung UN50F6800AF
Samsung UN55B6000VFUZA
Samsung UN55B6000VFXZA
Samsung UN55B7000WFUZA
Samsung UN55B7000WFXZA
Samsung UN55B7100WFUZA
Samsung UN55B7100WFXZA
Samsung UN55B8000XF
Samsung UN55B8500XF
Samsung UN55C5000QF
Samsung UN55C6300SF
Samsung UN55C6400RF
Samsung UN55C6500VF
Samsung UN55C6800UF
Samsung UN55C6900VF
Samsung UN55C7000WF
Samsung UN55C7100WF
Samsung UN55C8000XF
Samsung UN55C9000ZF
Samsung UN55D6000SF
Samsung UN55D6003SF
Samsung UN55D6005SF
Samsung UN55D6050TF
Samsung UN55D6300SF
Samsung UN55D6400UF
Samsung UN55D6420UF
Samsung UN55D6450UF
Samsung UN55D6500VF
Samsung UN55D6900WF
Samsung UN55D7000LF
Samsung UN55D7050XF
Samsung UN55D7900XF
Samsung UN55D8000YF
Samsung UN55EH6000F
Samsung UN55EH6030F
Samsung UN55EH6050F
Samsung UN55EH6070F
Samsung UN55ES6003
Samsung UN55ES6003F
Samsung UN55ES6100F
Samsung UN55ES6150F
Samsung UN55ES6500
Samsung UN55ES6500F
Samsung UN55ES6550F
Samsung UN55ES6580F
Samsung UN55ES6600F
Samsung UN55ES6820F
Samsung UN55ES7003F
Samsung UN55ES7100F
Samsung UN55ES7150F
Samsung UN55ES7500F
Samsung UN55ES7550F
Samsung UN55ES8000F
Samsung UN55F6300AF
Samsung UN55F6350AF
Samsung UN55F6400AF
Samsung UN55F6800AF
Samsung UN55F7050AF
Samsung UN55F7100AF
Samsung UN55F7450AF
Samsung UN55F7500AF
Samsung UN55F8000BF
Samsung UN55F9000AF
Samsung UN55FH6003F
Samsung UN55FH6030F
Samsung UN55F6800AF
Samsung UN55F7450AFXZA
Samsung UN55F9000AF
Samsung UN60C6300SF
Samsung UN60C6400RF
Samsung UN60D6000SF
Samsung UN60D6400UF
Samsung UN60D6450UF
Samsung UN60D6500VF
Samsung UN60D7000VF
Samsung UN60D7050VF
Samsung UN60D8000YF
Samsung UN60EH6000F
Samsung UN60EH6003F
Samsung UN60EH6050F
Samsung UN60ES6003F
Samsung UN60ES6100F
Samsung UN60ES6150F
Samsung UN60ES6500F
Samsung UN60ES7100F
Samsung UN60ES7150F
Samsung UN60ES7500F
Samsung UN60ES7550F
Samsung UN60ES8000F
Samsung UN60F6300AF
Samsung UN60F6350AF
Samsung UN60F6400AF
Samsung UN60F7050AF
Samsung UN60F7100AF
Samsung UN60F7450AF
Samsung UN60F7500AF
Samsung UN60F8000BF
Samsung UN60FH6003F
Samsung UN65C6500VF
Samsung UN65C8000XF
Samsung UN65D8000XF
Samsung UN65EH6000F
Samsung UN65EH6050F
Samsung UN65ES6500F
Samsung UN65ES6550F
Samsung UN65ES8000F
Samsung UN65F6300AF
Samsung UN65F6350AF
Samsung UN65F6400AF
Samsung UN65F7050AF
Samsung UN65F7100AF
Samsung UN65F8000BF
Samsung UN65F9000AF
Samsung UN75ES9000F
Samsung UN75F6300AF
Samsung UN75F6400AF
Samsung UN75F7100AF
Samsung UN75F8000AFXZA
Samsung UN85S9AFXZA
Samsung UN22D5003BF
Samsung UN32D6500VF
Samsung UN32EH4003V
Samsung UN46C9000ZV
Samsung UN46ES6100G
Samsung UN46ES6500G
Samsung UN50EH5000V
Samsung UN50F6100AF
Samsung UN55EH6001F
Samsung UN55ES6900F
Samsung UN55ES8000G
Samsung UN55F6100AF
Samsung UN60EH6002F
Samsung UN60F6100AF
Samsung UN75F6400CF

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