Sharp LED TV Class Action Lawsuit

If you have purchased a Sharp LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

If you have purchased a Sharp LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Our law firm is actively investigating several LCD TV manufacturers for potentially violating federal and state consumer protection laws stemming from how they sold and marketed their products to consumers, among them is Sharp. These manufacturers may have sold their LCD televisions by improperly marketing them as being LED TVs, when in fact they were simply LCD TVs that only used LED illumination. Our law firm believes that these manufacturers’ marketing and advertising may have been intentionally misleading, and were designed to suggest to consumers that these TVs were not LCD TVs at all, but a more advanced and superior new type of TV.

These marketing practices may have led to consumers overpaying for Sharp TVs that they thought had superior LED display technology, when they could have purchased TVs with the same display technology for much less.

If you have purchased an Sharp LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, please contact us immediately to protect your rights. Complete the form on this page for a (free) consultation.

Our law firm believes that the following manufacturers may have sold TVs misleadingly advertised as LED TVs. If you have purchased an LED TV from any of these manufacturers, you may have overpaid for your TV. Please contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Purchased a Sharp LED TV?

If you have purchased an Sharp LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, you may be able to collect financial compensation. To find out if you have a case, simply complete the form on this page.

Contact our law firm if you own any of the Sharp LED TV Models below:

Sharp LC-108D1U
Sharp LC-10A2
Sharp LC-10A2U
Sharp LC-10A3U
Sharp LC-10A3UB
Sharp LC-10A3UE
Sharp LC-10A3US
Sharp LC-13AV1U
Sharp LC-13AV4U
Sharp LC-13AV6U
Sharp LC-13B2U
Sharp LC-13B2UA
Sharp LC-13B2UB
Sharp LC-13B4U
Sharp LC-13B4UB
Sharp LC-13B4US
Sharp LC-13B6U
Sharp LC-13B6US
Sharp LC-13B8US
Sharp LC-13C3US
Sharp LC-13E1U
Sharp LC-13E1UB
Sharp LC-13E1UW
Sharp LC-13E2U
Sharp LC-13KSU
Sharp LC-13KWU
Sharp LC-13S1U
Sharp LC-13S1UB
Sharp LC-13S1US
Sharp LC-13S1UW
Sharp LC-13S2U
Sharp LC-13S2US
Sharp LC-13SH1U
Sharp LC-13SH3U
Sharp LC-13SH4U
Sharp LC-13SH6U
Sharp LC-15A2U
Sharp LC-15AV1U
Sharp LC-15AV4U
Sharp LC-15AV6U
Sharp LC-15AV7U
Sharp LC-15B1U
Sharp LC-15B2U
Sharp LC-15B2UA
Sharp LC-15B2UB
Sharp LC-15B4U
Sharp LC-15B4US
Sharp LC-15B4USM
Sharp LC-15B6U
Sharp LC-15B6US
Sharp LC-15B8US
Sharp LC-15B9US
Sharp LC-15C3US
Sharp LC-15E1U
Sharp LC-15E1UB
Sharp LC-15E1UM
Sharp LC-15E1UW
Sharp LC-15E1UWM
Sharp LC-15E2U
Sharp LC-15L1US
Sharp LC-15M4U
Sharp LC-15PX1U
Sharp LC-15S1U
Sharp LC-15S1UB
Sharp LC15S1US
Sharp LC-15S2U
Sharp LC-15S2US
Sharp LC-15S2USM
Sharp LC-15S4U
Sharp LC-15S4US
Sharp LC-15S5U
Sharp LC-15SH1U
Sharp LC-15SH4U
Sharp LC-15SH6U
Sharp LC-15SH7U
Sharp LC-19AD22U
Sharp LC-19D44U
Sharp LC19D45U
Sharp LC-19DV12U
Sharp LC-19DV22U
Sharp LC-19DV24U
Sharp LC-19DV27UT
Sharp LC-19DV28UT
Sharp LC-19LE430U
Sharp LC-19LS410UT
Sharp LC-19SB14U
Sharp LC-19SB15U
Sharp LC-19SB24U
Sharp LC-19SB24UW
Sharp LC-19SB25U
Sharp LC-19SB27UT
Sharp LC-19SB280UT
Sharp LC-19SB28UT
Sharp LC-19SK24U
Sharp LC-19SK24UW
Sharp LC-19SK25U
Sharp LC-20AV1U
Sharp LC-20AV4U
Sharp LC-20AV6U
Sharp LC-20AV7U
Sharp LC-20B1U
Sharp LC-20B2U
Sharp LC-20B2UA
Sharp LC-20B2UB
Sharp LC-20B4U
Sharp LC-20B4US
Sharp LC-20B4USM
Sharp LC-20B6U
Sharp LC-20B6US
Sharp LC-20B8US
Sharp LC-20B9US
Sharp LC-20C3US
Sharp LC-20D30U
Sharp LC-20D42U
Sharp LC-20DV20U
Sharp LC-20DV50
Sharp LC-20E1U
Sharp LC-20E1UB
Sharp LC-20E1UBM
Sharp LC-20E1UM
Sharp LC-20E1UW
Sharp LC-20E1UWM
Sharp LC-20E2U
Sharp LC-20M4U
Sharp LC-20PX1U
Sharp LC-20S1U
Sharp LC-20S1UB
Sharp LC-20S1US
Sharp LC-20S2U
Sharp LC-20S2US
Sharp LC-20S4U
Sharp LC-20S4US
Sharp LC-20S5U
Sharp LC-20S7U
Sharp LC-20SH1U
Sharp LC-20SH20U
Sharp LC-20SH21U
Sharp LC-20SH3U
Sharp LC-20SH4U
Sharp LC-20SH6U
Sharp LC-20SH7U
Sharp LC-20VM2
Sharp LC-22DV17U
Sharp LC-22DV17UT
Sharp LC-22DV24U
Sharp LC-22DV27U
Sharp LC-22DV27UT
Sharp LC-22DV28UT
Sharp LC-22LS510UT
Sharp LC-22SB24U
Sharp LC-22SB27U
Sharp LC-22SB27UT
Sharp LC-22SB280UT
Sharp LC-22SB28UT
Sharp LC-22SV2U
Sharp LC-22SV6U
Sharp LC-22SV6UM
Sharp LC-24LE430U
Sharp LC-26AD22U
Sharp LC-26D40U
Sharp LC-26D42UW
Sharp LC-26D43U
Sharp LC-26D4U
Sharp LC-26D4UJ
Sharp LC-26D5U
Sharp LC-26D6U
Sharp LC-26D7U
Sharp LC-26DA5U
Sharp LC-26DV10U
Sharp LC-26DV12U
Sharp LC-26DV20U
Sharp LC-26DV22U
Sharp LC-26DV24U
Sharp LC-26DV27UT
Sharp LC-26DV28UT
Sharp LC-26GA4U
Sharp LC-26GA5U
Sharp LC-26GD4U
Sharp LC-26GD6U
Sharp LC-26SB14U
Sharp LC-26SB24U
Sharp LC-26SB27UT
Sharp LC-26SB28UT
Sharp LC-26SH10U
Sharp LC-26SH12U
Sharp LC-26SH20U
Sharp LC-26SV490U
Sharp LC-28HM2S
Sharp LC-28HM2U
Sharp LC-30HV2U
Sharp LC-30HV4U
Sharp LC-30HV6U
Sharp LC-32AV22U
Sharp LC-32BD60U
Sharp LC-32D40U
Sharp LC-32D41U
Sharp LC-32D42U
Sharp LC-32D43U
Sharp LC-32D44U
Sharp LC-32D47U
Sharp LC-32D47UN
Sharp LC-32D47UT
Sharp LC-32D4U
Sharp LC-32D4UJ
Sharp LC-32D50U
Sharp LC-32D59U
Sharp LC-32D5U
Sharp LC-32D62U
Sharp LC-32D64U
Sharp LC-32D6U
Sharp LC-32D7U
Sharp LC-32DA5U
Sharp LC-32DV22U
Sharp LC-32DV24U
Sharp LC-32DV27UT
Sharp LC-32DV28UT
Sharp LC-32E67U
Sharp LC-32G4U
Sharp LC-32GA5U
Sharp LC-32GD4U
Sharp LC-32GD6U
Sharp LC-32GP1U
Sharp LC-32GP2U
Sharp LC-32GP3U
Sharp LC-32GP3UB
Sharp LC-32GP3UR
Sharp LC-32GP3UW
Sharp LC-32HT1U
Sharp LC-32HT2U
Sharp LC-32HT3U
Sharp LC-32LB150U
Sharp LC-32LE430U
Sharp LC-32LE440U
Sharp LC-32LE450U
Sharp LC-32LE700UN
Sharp LC-32LS510UT
Sharp LC-32SB21U
Sharp LC-32SB220U
Sharp LC-32SB23U
Sharp LC-32SB24U
Sharp LC-32SB27U
Sharp LC-32SB27UT
Sharp LC-32SB28UT
Sharp LC-32SH10U
Sharp LC-32SH12U
Sharp LC-32SH20U
Sharp LC-32SV29U
Sharp LC-32SV40U
Sharp LC-37BD60U
Sharp LC-37D40U
Sharp LC-37D42U
Sharp LC-37D43U
Sharp LC-37D44U
Sharp LC-37D4U
Sharp LC-37D4UJ
Sharp LC-37D5U
Sharp LC-37D62U
Sharp LC-37D64U
Sharp LC-37D6U
Sharp LC-37D7U
Sharp LC-37D90U
Sharp LC-37DB5U
Sharp LC-37DW99U
Sharp LC-37G4U
Sharp LC-37GB5U
Sharp LC-37GD4U
Sharp LC-37GD6U
Sharp LC-37GP1U
Sharp LC-37HT3U
Sharp LC-37HV4U
Sharp LC-37HV6U
Sharp LC-37SB24U
Sharp LC-37SH12U
Sharp LC-37SH20U
Sharp LC-39LE440U
Sharp LC-40C32U
Sharp LC-40C37U
Sharp LC-40C45U
Sharp LC-40D68UT
Sharp LC-40D78UN
Sharp LC-40E67U
Sharp LC-40E67UN
Sharp LC-40E77U
Sharp LC-40E77UN
Sharp LC-40LE431U
Sharp LC-40LE433U
Sharp LC-40LE550U
Sharp LC-40LE700UN
Sharp LC-40LE810UN
Sharp LC-40LE820UN
Sharp LC-40LE830U
Sharp LC-40LE832U
Sharp LC-40LE835U
Sharp LC-42BD80U
Sharp LC-42BT10U
Sharp LC-42D43U
Sharp LC-42D62U
Sharp LC-42D64U
Sharp LC-42D65U
Sharp LC-42D65UT
Sharp LC-42D69U
Sharp LC-42D72U
Sharp LC-42D85U
Sharp LC-42HT3U
Sharp LC-42LB150U
Sharp LC-42LE540U
Sharp LC-42LE620UT
Sharp LC-42SB45U
Sharp LC-42SB45UT
Sharp LC-42SB48UT
Sharp LC-42SV49U
Sharp LC-42SV50U
Sharp LC-45D40U
Sharp LC-45GD4U
Sharp LC-45GD5U
Sharp LC-45GD6U
Sharp LC-45GD7U
Sharp LC-45GX6U
Sharp LC-46BD80U
Sharp LC-46BD80UN
Sharp LC-46D43U
Sharp LC-46D62U
Sharp LC-46D64U
Sharp LC-46D64UA
Sharp LC-46D64UB
Sharp LC-46D65U
Sharp LC-46D78UN
Sharp LC-46D82U
Sharp LC-46D85U
Sharp LC-46D85UN
Sharp LC-46D92U
Sharp LC-46E77U
Sharp LC-46E77UN
Sharp LC-46LE540U
Sharp LC-46LE620UT
Sharp LC-46LE700UN
Sharp LC-46LE810UN
Sharp LC-46LE820UN
Sharp LC-46LE830U
Sharp LC-46LE832U
Sharp LC-46LE835U
Sharp LC-46SB54U
Sharp LC-46SB57U
Sharp LC-46SB57UN
Sharp LC-46SE941U
Sharp LC-46SE941UG
Sharp LC-46SE941UR
Sharp LC-46SE94U
Sharp LC-46SV50U
Sharp LC-47SB57UT
Sharp LC-50LB150U
Sharp LC-50LE440U
Sharp LC-50LE442U
Sharp LC-50LE650U
Sharp LC-52BD80U
Sharp LC-52C6400U
Sharp LC-52D43U
Sharp LC-52D62U
Sharp LC-52D64U
Sharp LC-52D65U
Sharp LC-52D78UN
Sharp LC-52D82U
Sharp LC-52D85U
Sharp LC-52D85UN
Sharp LC-52D92U
Sharp LC-52E77U
Sharp LC-52E77UN
Sharp LC-52LE640U
Sharp LC-52LE700UN
Sharp LC-52LE810UN
Sharp LC-52LE820UN
Sharp LC-52LE830U
Sharp LC-52LE832U
Sharp LC-52LE835U
Sharp LC-52LE920UN
Sharp LC-52LE925UN
Sharp LC-52SB55U
Sharp LC-52SB57U
Sharp LC-52SB57UN
Sharp LC-52SE941U
Sharp LC-52SE941UG
Sharp LC-52SE941UR
Sharp LC-52SE94U
Sharp LC-52XS1U
Sharp LC-52XS1US
Sharp LC-55LE620UT
Sharp LC-57D90U
Sharp LC-60C46U
Sharp LC-60C52U
Sharp LC-60C6400U
Sharp LC-60C6500U
Sharp LC-60C7450U
Sharp LC-60C7500U
Sharp LC-60C8470U
Sharp LC-60E69U
Sharp LC-60E77UN
Sharp LC-60E78UN
Sharp LC-60E79U
Sharp LC-60E88UN
Sharp LC-60LE550U
Sharp LC-60LE600U
Sharp LC-60LE6300U
Sharp LC-60LE630U
Sharp LC-60LE632U
Sharp LC-60LE633U
Sharp LC-60LE640U
Sharp LC-60LE650U
Sharp LC-60LE745U
Sharp LC-60LE755U
Sharp LC-60LE757U
Sharp LC-60LE810UN
Sharp LC-60LE820UN
Sharp LC-60LE830U
Sharp LC-60LE831U
Sharp LC-60LE832U
Sharp LC-60LE835U
Sharp LC-60LE845U
Sharp LC-60LE847U
Sharp LC-60LE857U
Sharp LC-60LE857U
Sharp LC-60LE920UN
Sharp LC-60LE925UN
Sharp LC-60LE945U
Sharp LC-62C42U
Sharp LC-65D64U
Sharp LC-65D90U
Sharp LC-65D93U
Sharp LC-65E77UM
Sharp LC-65SE94U
Sharp LC-65XS1US
Sharp LC-70C6400U
Sharp LC-70C6500U
Sharp LC-70C7450U
Sharp LC-70C7500U
Sharp LC-70C8470U
Sharp LC-70LE550U
Sharp LC-70LE632U
Sharp LC-70LE633U
Sharp LC-70LE640U
Sharp LC-70LE650U
Sharp LC-70LE732U
Sharp LC-70LE733U
Sharp LC-70LE734U
Sharp LC-70LE735U
Sharp LC-70LE745U
Sharp LC-70LE755U
Sharp LC-70LE757U
Sharp LC-70LE845U
Sharp LC-70LE847U
Sharp LC-70LE857U
Sharp LC-70LE945U
Sharp LC-70UD1U
Sharp LC-80C6500U
Sharp LC-80LE632U
Sharp LC-80LE633U
Sharp LC-80LE650U
Sharp LC-80LE757U
Sharp LC-80LE844U
Sharp LC-80LE857U
Sharp LC-90LE657U
Sharp LC-90LE745U
Sharp LC-C3234U
Sharp LC-C3237U
Sharp LC-C3237UT
Sharp LC-C3242U
Sharp LC-C3742U
Sharp LC-C4067U
Sharp LC-C4067UN
Sharp LC-C4254U
Sharp LC-C4643U
Sharp LC-C4654U
Sharp LC-C4655U
Sharp LC-C4662U
Sharp LC-C46700UN
Sharp LC-C4677UN
Sharp LC-C5255U
Sharp LC-C5262U
Sharp LC-C52700UN
Sharp LC-C5277UN
Sharp LC-C6077UN
Sharp LC-C6554U
Sharp LC-C6577UM
Sharp LC-G5C26U
Sharp LC-G5C32U
Sharp LD-23SH1U
Sharp LD-26SH1U
Sharp LD-26SH3U

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