Vizio LED TV Class Action Lawsuit

If you have purchased a Vizio LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

If you have purchased a Vizio LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Our law firm is actively investigating several LCD TV manufacturers for potentially violating federal and state consumer protection laws stemming from how they sold and marketed their products to consumers, among them is Vizio. These manufacturers may have sold their LCD televisions by improperly marketing them as being LED TVs, when in fact they were simply LCD TVs that only used LED illumination. Our law firm believes that these manufacturers’ marketing and advertising may have been intentionally misleading, and were designed to suggest to consumers that these TVs were not LCD TVs at all, but a more advanced and superior new type of TV.

These marketing practices may have led to consumers overpaying for Vizio TVs that they thought had superior LED display technology, when they could have purchased TVs with the same display technology for much less.

If you have purchased a Vizio LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, please contact us immediately to protect your rights. Complete the form on this page for a (free) consultation.

Our law firm believes that the following manufacturers may have sold TVs misleadingly advertised as LED TVs. If you have purchased an LED TV from any of these manufacturers, you may have overpaid for your TV. Please contact us immediately to protect your rights.

Purchased a Vizio LED TV?

If you have purchased a Vizio LCD TV that was advertised as an LED TV, you may be able to collect financial compensation. To find out if you have a case, simply complete the form on this page.

Contact our law firm if you own any of the Vizio LED TV Models below:

Vizio E190MV
Vizio E190VA-B
Vizio E191VA
Vizio E221-A1
Vizio E221VA
Vizio E240AR
Vizio E241-A1
Vizio E241-A1B
Vizio E241i-A1
Vizio E241I-A1B
Vizio E241i-A1W
Vizio E260MV
Vizio E260VA
Vizio E260VP
Vizio E261VA
Vizio E261VA-B
Vizio E241-A1
Vizio E291-A1B
Vizio E291I-A1
Vizio E320-A0
Vizio E320-A0-B
Vizio E320-A1
Vizio E320i-A0
Vizio E320I-A2
Vizio E320VP
Vizio E320VP-B
Vizio E320VT
Vizio E321MV
Vizio E321VL
Vizio E321VT
Vizio E322AR
Vizio E322MV
Vizio E370-A0
Vizio E370-A0-B
Vizio E370VLE
Vizio E370VP
Vizio E370VP-B
Vizio E370VT
Vizio E370VT-B
Vizio E371VL
Vizio E390-A1
Vizio E390-A1B
Vizio E390I-A1
Vizio E390VL
Vizio E390VL-B
Vizio E3D320VX
Vizio E3D420VX
Vizio E401i-A2
Vizio E420-A0
Vizio E420-A0-B
Vizio E420AR
Vizio E420D-A0
Vizio E420D-A0-B
Vizio E420I-A0
Vizio E420I-A0-B
Vizio E420I-A1
Vizio E420I-A1B
Vizio E420VP
Vizio E420VSE
Vizio E420VT
Vizio E420VT-B
Vizio E422AR
Vizio E422VLE
Vizio E461-A1
Vizio E470-A0
Vizio E470I-A0
Vizio E470I-A0-B
Vizio E500AR
Vizio E500D-A0
Vizio E500I-A0
Vizio E500I-A1
Vizio E502AR
Vizio E550I-A0
Vizio E551d-A0
Vizio E551I-A2
Vizio E552VL-B
Vizio E601I-A3
Vizio E601I-A3B
Vizio E650I-A2
Vizio E701I-A3
Vizio JV50PHDTV10A
Vizio M160MV
Vizio M160MV-B
Vizio M190MV
Vizio M190VA
Vizio M190VA-B
Vizio M190VA-CA
Vizio M190VA-MX
Vizio M190VAW
Vizio M190VA-W-B
Vizio M220MV
Vizio M220NV
Vizio M220VA
Vizio M220VA-B
Vizio M220VA-CA
Vizio M220VA-MX
Vizio M220VAW
Vizio M220VA-W-B
Vizio M221NV
Vizio M260MV
Vizio M260VA
Vizio M260VA-B
Vizio M260VA-MX
Vizio M260VAW
Vizio M260VP
Vizio M261VP
Vizio M320NV
Vizio M320NV-CA
Vizio M320NV-MX
Vizio M320SL
Vizio M320SR
Vizio M320VT
Vizio M320VT-CA
Vizio M320VT-MX
Vizio M321i-A2
Vizio M370NV
Vizio M370SL
Vizio M370SV
Vizio M370VT
Vizio M370VT-B
Vizio M3D420SR
Vizio M3D421SR
Vizio M3D460SR
Vizio M3D470KD
Vizio M3D470KD
Vizio M3D470KDE
Vizio M3D550KD
Vizio M3D550KDE
Vizio M3D550KDE-B
Vizio M3D550SL
Vizio M3D550SR
Vizio M3D650SV
Vizio M3D650SV-B
Vizio M3D651SV
Vizio M401i-A3
Vizio M420KD
Vizio M420NV
Vizio M420NV-B
Vizio M420NV-CA
Vizio M420NV-MX
Vizio M420SL
Vizio M420SR
Vizio M420SV
Vizio M420VT
Vizio M421NV
Vizio M421VT
Vizio M421VT-B
Vizio M470NV
Vizio M470SL
Vizio M470SL-B
Vizio M470SV
Vizio M470VSE
Vizio M470VT
Vizio M470VT-CA
Vizio M471i-A2
Vizio M501d-A2
Vizio M501D-A2R
Vizio M550NV
Vizio M550NV-B
Vizio M550NV-CA
Vizio M550NV-MX
Vizio M550SL
Vizio M550SL-B
Vizio M550SV
Vizio M550SV-B
Vizio M550VSE
Vizio M551d-A2
Vizio M551D-A2R
Vizio M601d-A3
Vizio M601D-A3R
Vizio M650VSE
Vizio M651d-A2
Vizio M651D-A2R
Vizio M701d-A3
Vizio M701D-A3R
Vizio M801d-A3
Vizio P42HDTV20A
Vizio P50HDTV20A
Vizio SV472XVT
Vizio VF551XVT
Vizio VF551XVT-B
Vizio VF552XVT
Vizio VF552XVT-B
Vizio VM190XVT
Vizio VM230XVT
Vizio VM60PHDTV10A
Vizio VP422HDTV10A
Vizio VP423HDTV10A
Vizio VP42HDTV20A
Vizio VP503HDTV10A
Vizio VP504FHDTV10A
Vizio VP505XVT1A
Vizio VP50HDTV10A
Vizio XVT323SV
Vizio XVT323SV-B
Vizio XVT373SV
Vizio XVT373SV-B
Vizio XVT3D424SV
Vizio XVT3D424SV-B
Vizio XVT3D474SV
Vizio XVT3D474SV-B
Vizio XVT3D554SV
Vizio XVT3D554SV-B
Vizio XVT3D580CM
Vizio XVT3D650SV
Vizio XVT3D650SV-B
Vizio XVT423SV
Vizio XVT423SV-B
Vizio XVT472SV
Vizio XVT473SV
Vizio XVT553SV

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