Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows Class Action Lawsuit

If you have purchased Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows, contact us immediately to protect your rights.

If you have purchased Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows you may be entitled to compensation. Call 1-800-934-2921 or complete the form on this page for a free consultation. 

Our law firm has started investigating claims and complaints of consumers relating to the installation of Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows. The claims made state that Pinnacle Windows are vulnerable to premature failure. Consumer complaints say that the windows permit water and moisture to enter the structure. The broken seal also allows outdoor air to enter, making the structure that much more vulnerable to extensive property damage. As a result, consumers have to pay for costly property damage resulting in structural damage. Mold, rotting and other forms of water damage are challenges being experienced within the product warranty period.

Complaints made to Windsor about the vulnerabilities with the window applications have been addressed slowly. Those who are unable to wait due to risks of significant structural damage have had to replace and repair the windows. As a result, consumers shell out thousands in expensive repairs since they are unable to wait as long as required to have complaints resolved through Windsor. The company’s website assures consumers that their products are fabricated from components that offer “unsurpassed performance” and that all of the products would be “free from defects.” Consumer complaints paint another picture. Consumers have expressed concerns about the inferior quality of the Pinnacle Select window products are asserting that the company is guilty of false advertising. Customers are stating that they are disappointed in both the time and money required to resolve the problems with the Pinnacle Select window products.

The Windsor Windows manufactured by Pinnacle products all come with a Limited 20/10 Warranty. Each warranty offers coverage for an insulated glass seal for a period of 20 years. The workmanship and the materials carry a warranty of ten years. Some products may have a longer extended-life warranty. Windows with aluminum surface finishes carry an additional warranty of 30 years. Customers who have had to have repairs and windows replaced within the warranty period may be eligible for compensation due to problems with the warranty.

If you have had a similar experience upon installing Pinnacle Select windows, please contact our law firm. If you have encountered problems like water seepage, mold, property damage and property loss post-installation, we are prepared to offer a free consultation to discuss your options. All who have suffered property damage and property loss as a result of installing these windows may have certain legal rights and may be eligible for compensation as a result of the faulty product. You may contact us at (800) 934-2921 or by completing the inquiry form on this page.

Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows Damages?

If you have purchased Windsor Pinnacle Select Windows, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921 to protect your rights.

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