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September 20, 2019

Our law firm is investigating filing claims on behalf of individuals that took Zantac due to reports of cancer causing NDMA in the drug.

If you took Zantac and suffered from cancer, you may be entitled to compensation,
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Our law firm is is investigating filing claims on behalf of persons that took Zantac and suffered from cancer. This investigation stems from recent reports that Zantac may have contained dangerous levels of NDMA, a chemical believed to cause cancer. If you took Zantac and suffered from cancer, contact our law firm to protect your rights.

FDA Evaluates Harmful Chemical Found in Zantac

Health regulators around the globe raised an alarm on a potential crisis. A stomach drug taken by millions may be made up of cancer-causing components.

Zantac Cancer Side Effect Class Action Lawsuit
Zantac Cancer Side Effect Class Action Lawsuit

Sanofi heartburn medication brand, Zantac, was investigated by drug-safety officials in the U.S. and Europe. They were looking to see if the drug contained NDMA, a dangerous chemical.

Ranitidine is the base name of the drug. Its primary usage is treating and preventing several gastrointestinal problems. NDMA is a cancer-causing agent that is found in cooked pork products such as ham and bacon.

It is no surprise that this unfortunate discovery has impacted pharmaceutical operators on a grand scale. The regulators of this industry in charge of the factory and ingredient processes, have to deal with the setbacks caused by the new potential threat. The hypertension drug, valsartan was also subject to recall out of fear that it too contained NDMA.

Because most of those drugs were made in China and India, concerns were popping up about poor manufacturing in their factories.

Ashleigh Koss, a spokeswoman for Sanofi explained how the company takes great care in the well being of patients and how they are working closely with the FDA.

Valisure, an online pharmacy from Connecticut, reported to the FDA that it had found high amounts of NDMA in Zantac. Big pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS were known for selling the drugs.

The FDA stated it would review and assess ranitidine, verifying whether patients who took the drug are at risk. They will be following up with information once it becomes available.

Although the FDA found traces of NDMA in Zantac, they haven’t gathered enough data to determine an exact level amount of the chemical. The testing process of Valisure differs from the ways of the FDA and European regulators.

Valisure claimed the NDMA levels in Zantac are dangerous high, while the FDA said they are low

The FDA didn’t outright tell people to stop using Zantac, but they did mention that alternatives are available in the market.

Environmental researchers from Stanford University conducted a study to determine how NDMA forms in wastewater. They measured the levels of the chemical in the urine of 10 subjects who used Zantac.

The result was 48 micrograms found in the subjects who took the drug, a dramatic increase from the 17 micrograms of an FDA-recalled blood-pressure medication.

In 2018, nearly 25 million prescriptions were written for Zantac.

Zantac, as well as store brand versions, are sold with or without a prescription.

Zantac is not exclusive to adults. Infants and children may also be given the drug for treating reflux.

Zantac NDMA Cancer Class Action Lawsuit

If you took Zantac and suffered from cancer, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921 right now to protect your rights.